Repair Services

At Dreher Collision Center, we are committed to quality workmanshipand 100% customer satisfaction. We ensure that we are up-to-date on thelatest methods of collision repair. All of our employees understand theimportance of providing courteous and professional service. Our goal isto be the preferred company in our market area by striving to constantly improve our processes and meeting the high standards of the DuPontPerformance Alliance.

Collision Repair

Full Service Glass Center

Wheel Repair & Alignment Services

Air Conditioning Repair

We are registered with the state on Air Conditioning Refrigeration Repairs. This entitles us  to recycle freon allowing us to protect the environment.

Headlamp/Headlight Repair & Correction

Our High-tech VISION 1 Computerized Image Processing Headlamp Aiming System ensures the highest visibility and accuracy possible.